Bella Burger

Authentic South American
Cuisine With Our Touch Of Flair

Welcome to our Restaurant

Three guys had a chance meeting on 6/27/2019. These three guys became best friends instantly. One a Venezuelan immigrant coming to America to make a better life, and one a chef who enjoys cooking and experimenting with flavors, and one that loves to get up and go to work every day and tries to be creative.

During COVID the three friends decided to attend a franchise show in Rosemont, IL to find a business to start, and make a mark for themselves and their future. The three friends found some unique coffee vending machines that they thought would be a great business to start. While getting started in this business they noticed that everyone was using “Big Guy’s” coffee. These three did not want to be like everyone else. So, roasting their own coffee made the most sense. Through trial and error, they found air roasting coffee was the best avenue and then Lanzaga Coffee was born.

Then by chance a coffee shop in a train station in a Chicago suburb was listed for sale. The three friends decided to bring the coffee from the internet to a physical location. Getting up every morning and rushing to the train station to get the commuters off to their daily destinations was fun and rewarding. The people loved how we changed their morning with our air roasted coffee.

Eventually, another set of entrepreneurs made us an offer we could not refuse and bought our coffee shop. We decided that with our coffee, and a chef in our group, we would make the leap to open our own full-service restaurant. Through extensive hunting we found the perfect location in the Chicago, Lakeview neighborhood to open their first full scale endeavor. Six blocks from Wrigley Field, and home to a diverse community, they landed what is the ideal location to share not only our coffee but offer authentic South American Cuisine.

The Lanzaga - A Chicago Bistro is now open. A dream for all three of these best friends. All are welcome, that is why we say……

It’s not the food we make, it’s the memories we create.

Our Team Welcomes You

 Chef Scottie J.

Your Host Cesar

Your Host Randy